Must Watch Movie: Finding Dory

Unless of course, you have been concealing in an eel hole, you’re most likely conscious that Pixar’s highly expected (and highly marketed) sequel to the much loved Finding Nemo is eventually here. Therefore, let’s dive straight into it…

Finding Dory
Finding Dory happens a year following that accident with the little orange clownfish disappearing. We meet up with Nemo (acted by Hayden Rolence) and his father Marlin (acted by Albert Brooks), and their forgetful friend Dory (acted by Ellen DeGeneres), who disrupts their fish sleep every three seconds. In the early stages, the movie reveals several flashback scenes which are simultaneously lovable as well as poignant. The first perceives a tiny wide-eyed Dory coping with her persistent short-term memory loss, but ultimately she is swept away by the undertow…

Finding DOry movie
At present, Dory’s thoughts catch erratic bits of her early days, and although a lot of it is obscure, she is sure that she misses her parents immensely. Therefore with some company from Marlin as well as Nemo, she sails on an ocean-wide hunt for her parents. Watch Finding Dory and you’ll realize it’s no easy ride. Amidst a huge squid chase, Dory will get tangled in plastic soda rings and after that is scooped up by the boaters and shifted to the Marine Life Institute. There, she comes in contact with a mysterious octopus called Hank (Ed O’Neill), and both of them make a plan to assist each other accomplish their wishes.

So, how exactly does Finding Dory compare against its precursor? Well, the journey is not as refreshing and expansive like the original; however, it’s nevertheless a pleasant return to this vibrant, remarkably animated underwater world. With Dory at the center on this occasion, there is still a purposeful story to be told.

watch finding dory
While the story is anchored with a heavy sense of pathos, watch Finding Dory and you can still find plenty of funny splashes of humor. Dominic West and Idris Elba voice a couple of lazy sea lions which have planted themselves permanently on a sun-soaked rock. All those show-stealing sea turtles from Finding Nemo obtain their cruise on along with a victory lap performance. You will find a wacky set piece where Dory and Hank find themselves in a ‘Touch Pool’ exhibit and try to avoid the hands of excited children at any cost. And Dory talking “whale” (which is essentially howling words) gets me each time The truth is, just about all Dory does is fantastic, and it certainly helps that Ellen’s voice work is really captivating here.

However, it genuinely is the feeling of heart-tugging themes which make Finding Dory so impressive. Dory is actually a beacon of persistence, desire, and trusting in yourself. The motion picture very much so could be taken as a story of coping with a disability, and also a quest for the parental experience in bringing up a kid with special needs. The value of family is surely driven home, and not just your biological family but anybody near you which have made a substantial effect on your life. Exactly like Dory was there for Nemo and Marlin in Finding Nemo, they are also there on her behalf in Finding Dory.

The main climax falls on the unbelievably far-fetched side (of course – even for a film packed with talking marine creatures), and it’s powered by a chain of significant coincidences as well as storyline conveniences, but as the awesome Dory will say: “The best things happen by chance.”

Suicide Squad: A Walk on the Wild Side?

Suicide Squad is a new movie set to his theatres this summer on August 5. It will be the second movie DC movie released by Warner Bros this year after their first DC release, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The film is already looking forward to having a smashing opening weekend and the only real competition lined up for is so far seems to be from Pete’s Dragon, which is set to release a week later on August 12th. The film is set at being PG-13 in order to bring it in line with the rest of their films ratings and hopefully help draw a larger crowd from adolescent viewers.

It’s no surprise why the team believes teenagers would be quite interested in the film as they can definitely share a bit of a rebellious bond with the group of characters focused on in the film. While most DC films are about superheroes doing their thing to save people from evil, this film is set to feature a group of supervillains who will perform top secret covert missions in order to help shorten their lengthy jail sentences.

The woman in charge of Task Force X, otherwise known as The Suicide Squad, is none other than Amanda “Wall” Waller. While the idea might sound quite ignorant at first, don’t worry, Waller has taken careful precautions to assure her “team” obeys her orders to the letter. Each member of The Suicide Squad is outfitted with a necklace that’s several times more frightening than a shock collar. The necklace is set to explode and is almost certain to outright kill or at least mortally wound any of the team who steps even a toe out of line. As you watch suicide squad, pay special attention to this!

Suicide Squad isn’t a new concept to the DC universe. Yet it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it was resurrected and gained popular attention by writer John Ostrander. It will be the first film however that feature the rather unlikely group.

The director of the film was announced back in September of 2014 and is David Ayer. Who has directed films such as Street Kings, End of Watch, and most recently the famous WWII based movie, Fury. David Ayer is also the main writer behind the film which is sure to feature stunning action and no small amount of humor. The film also features several well known cast members such as Jared Leto, Joel Kinnaman, and even Will Smith. With a team like this, you better plan to get tickets early!

Boy, Am I Excited For This Movie!

Set in a period right after the Sokovia debacle in the Age of Ultron instalment of the Avengers franchise, Captain America: Civil War takes on an entirely different plot. The Captain America: Civil War full movie plots Avengers going up against fellow Avengers in what could be an exciting and thrilling chapter to the much anticipated Avengers: Infinity Wars come 2018 and 2019.

Captain America: Civil War begins where Age of Ultron left off: a team of new Avengers led by Captain America and assisted by Black Widow with the new superheroes comprising mainly of Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Falcon. Trained by the super soldier himself, the new Avengers team go on an international mission to fight some villain with success but at a great cost – collateral damage that can rival the likes of the Sokovia debacle and the Johannesburg Hulk rampage in Age of Ultron as well as the Manhattan chaos in The Avengers. The incident spurred massive government calls for greater accountability from superheroes.

Captain America, having grown distrustful of any government-initiated programs rejects the call opting instead to be an insurgent to the growing discontent of world governments on the after-effects of superhero actions. In a surprising twist, known philanthropist and billionaire electromechanical genius Tony Starks who is well-known to be against any government intervention, accountability, and oversight, makes a 180-degree turn favoring the regulation of superhero activities. As you watch Captain America: Civil War, it would suggest that Iron Man’s recent near-death experiences as well as the destruction of the central portion of Sokovia would mellow him down into attacking his opponents with just enough force to immobilize and subdue them but not necessarily kill them. This sets the stage for a superhero versus superhero clash where on one side is a team who wants superheroes to be regulated and be held fully accountable for their actions and on the other side is a team who believes that superheroes are a lot better off defending humanity without interference from any world-governing body.

This should be an interesting movie to watch as heroes will not necessarily be going up against villains, although Baron Helmut Zemo and Hydra agent Crossbones will provide a formidable opposition to the Captain. They will be going up against each other. One particular storyline to watch out for will be how the friendship between Black Widow and Hawkeye will end as each will be taking either sides; Hawkeye with Captain America and Black Widow with Iron Man. Of course, friendships will be strengthened as Captain will rely on his childhood friend Bucky Barnes and new-found friend Sam Wilson. Iron Man will also be relying on his close friend James Rhodes as well as ally T’Challa.

No one yet knows how Captain America: Civil War will end. While the Marvel comics series will show a certain result out of the discord, it is often a lot better to save it for the cinematic review to make sure it pans out all right.

Favorite Hobby – Woodworking

Woodworking is very simply defined as creating things from wood. It can be approached as an interesting hobby or as a fully qualified, licensed occupation. It is divided into three classifications: wood carving, joinery and carpentry. Most people are familiar with wood carving and carpentry, but may not be familiar with joinery. Joinery is the joining of pieces of wood to create a finished product. Woodworking is a craft. By definition that means that there is a level of individual artistry involved. Although there are many machines that have been created to mass-produce wood products, handmade wood products are quite different. Each piece that is created is unique from the other, and carries the skill and artistic effort of the maker.

Wood Carving
Many experienced wood carvers have the ability to look at a piece of wood and envision a finished artistic work that they want to produce out of it. They will take great care in choosing just the right type of wood, and they will even search for the piece of wood with the right lines, depressions, shading, and many other factors on which to produce their work. They also choose from a number of different tools to achieve the result they want, such as a knife, a chisel, a mallet and other tools. Wood carving is not the same as whittling, which is less artistic in its results. Hand-carved items from skilled craftsmen are highly coveted, and can be quite expensive.

Carpentry And Joinery
Carpentry and joinery often go hand in hand. Although they may not be considered to be as artistic as wood carving, they actually do require a level of refined creativity and artistic skill. They also carry the same rewards. Many a joiner or carpenter has looked with satisfaction at a piece of furniture or other wood product that he has created, secure in the knowledge that it came from his own hands. Pride of workmanship is something that cannot be mass-produced. The Amish are famous for their individualized carpentry and joinery talents, which they have been utilizing for many years to produce amazing works of art from household items that we would call ordinary. Carpentry and joinery have many useful applications in the house building trades. They also require technical skill, education and licensing to be pursued as an occupation.

If you are interested in woodworking, you are probably someone who enjoys working with his hands. You’ll be happy to know that there are many ways today that you can share your craft with others, and may even want to pursue doing it as a profession. Just like my husband, you can become a master by purchasing Teds Woodworking!

Israel’s History – The Foundation of What You Need to Know!

Israel is a nation with a long and volatile history and a modern stigma. The country has been at war almost since its inception. It has a strong Jewish legacy and is the motherland of the Jewish faith. The nation has changed hands many times and has been ruled by several different powers, from the Ottomans to the British. Throughout its long and shaky history, Israel has been constantly struggling for its independence and its own identity. The British Empire tried to tear it to pieces and parcel it out to other countries. The Germans, well, we all know what happened there. WWII brought the extermination of the Jews by Hitler. Things were so bad at that time that they were not even safe in their home country.


After the war, the country continued to struggle to find its peace. Centered in the violent Middle East, Israel is in a prime spot for attack. Between religious clashes and oil disputes, the Middle East is in a constant state of flux and the Jewish country has been picked apart. Everyone wants a piece of this Holy Land. It is currently made up of nearly 75 percent Jews and 20 percent Muslim. This causes unending strife in the country itself. It continues to have diplomatic relations with over 150 other countries, and while it has no “official” religion, the state is often described as “Jewish and democratic”. It boasts a three-tier parliamentary style democratic government. They have one of the largest military spending budgets in the world, which could be one of the reasons they are looked down on. People fear what they don’t understand.

Population of Israel

Economically, the country is by far the richest in south western Asia and the Middle East. Israel is a leader in the development of solar energy, water conservation, and Geo-thermal energy. They have 9 public universities and, of course, the National Library of Israel houses the largest collection of Judaica and Hebraica in the world. Despite the differing religions in the nation, they continue to thrive. There is a booming tourist market, mostly religious tourism, and the country is prospering greatly. The history may have been a hard one, but life there has changed so much since the days of oppression and hatred. The stigma against the country is unfounded, and if the world would stop trying to tear the country apart for greed and capitalism, they could eventually become a thriving world power so far.